Terms and conditions

1. Documents that are incomplete will not be processed.


2. Rental applications can be refused at any time without stating reasons.

2.1 The lessor will not provide information about any rejections, even if candidates have provided all necessary documents.


3. Your registration will be considered to have lapsed 2 months after the registration date, unless the undersigned requests maintenance of the registration within that period, or has indicated that he is looking for a rental property for a period longer than 2 months from the registration date.


4. The information provided by the applicant will be included in a personal register and will be treated in strict confidence.


5. The first rental invoice must be paid before delivery of the rental property. In addition, the lease must be signed.


6. After you have been accepted as a tenant, you must make a down payment of € 500 within 24 hours after receipt of the final invoice. This amount serves as security and is part of the total amount. If you cancel the rental after the deposit, the deposit will not be returned. After the deposit has been received, there will be no more viewings with other candidates. If after the payment

of the down payment no agreement is reached on the content of the lease, the lessor may, with due observance of paragraph 8 of the general terms and conditions, waive the lease.


7. If, due to new or changing circumstances, which were not yet known at the verbal agreement regarding the rental, the lessor renounces the rental, you will receive your deposit back within 48 hours.


8. No contract costs are payable for the conclusion of a lease.


9. Possible part of your registration is a credit check by Rent Valley. For example, a credit check looks at (negative) payment experiences in recent years.


10. Rent Valley collects and processes data about customers and visitors to this internet site for the benefit of its business operations, to draw attention to and make available products and services that may be of interest to you and to develop web statistics. The information you provide will be used to contact you if necessary, for example to inform you about changes in functionality

from the Internet site or to provide you with services that you may appreciate (unless you have indicated that you do not wish to receive any offers of services) In the context of quality assurance, you may be approached by a research agency for research purposes. For this, Rent Valley uses research methods that are strictly bound by the Personal Data Protection Act. In that context, the research agency will never pass on personal information to Rent Valley.


11. In the case of an independent company, depending on the documents, a bank guarantee or

deposit of at least one month is required.


12. If we offer you a home, you should be aware that we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information on the website.


13. Offers made to you are without obligation. You cannot derive any rights from this.


14. The objects offered to you are not owned by Rent Valley.


15. Viewings run through Rent Valley. If you wish to cancel an appointment, you must indicate this at least 3 hours in advance. If you do not show up more than once during a viewing without having notified this in time by e-mail or telephone, we will charge you € 45, - excl. VAT for each time you are not present at appointments. in account.


16. If a house that is still inhabited is viewed, you are aware that we are dependent on the cooperation of this resident. If he / she does not want to cooperate with the viewing or if he / she is not at home at the time of viewing (despite appointment), Rent Valley cannot be held liable for this.


17. If you, if necessary. after a viewing, you wish to rent a property through us, you must indicate this in writing and provide the relevant documentation, which demonstrates that you are a suitable candidate.


18. When we have found accommodation outside our own offer, the conditions of the relevant broker / owner also apply. These will be discussed with you in advance.


19. If there is fraud / incorrect information provision in the preliminary phase or the documents supplied, the cooperation will be terminated immediately. You are then liable for paying the contract costs and a fine of 2 months' rent of the property related to the lease will be charged. If fraud is found after signing the contract, it will also be dissolved immediately. This does not affect liability for damage towards the lessor. It is also reported to the police.


20. The contract will be signed at the offices of Rent Valley, namely at 184 Vondelstraat, 2513 GA ’s-Gravenhage. Before signing the contract, the remaining amount must be paid to us, consisting of: the deposit, the monthly rent that applies (minus the deposit paid € 500). The amount due must be in our account before the contract is signed. In all other cases, the keys are not transferred. If the key is handed out at a later time because the bill has not been paid on time, the tenant will bear the burden of the days when he or she cannot gain access to the apartment.


21. If the last payment is not received by us on time, we will consider the rental canceled.


22. All verbal announcements regarding the rental of a home are deemed to have been made subject to the consent that the person entitled will be granted. If it turns out afterwards that no permission has been obtained, the rental will be deemed not to have come about and no rights whatsoever can be derived from us or towards third parties, anyone, in the broadest sense of the word. Any liability on our part is excluded in this matter.


*The terms and conditions are automatically translated. No right can be derived from it.