Frequently asked questions when renting a property at Rent Valley

After you have registered free of charge, we can be of better service to you. In this way we can help you with your search for a suitable living space.

No, registering via our website is completely free of charge.

No, there are no costs associated with the viewings.

Your data will only be used to compile your rental file. Your data will not be used for other purposes. Huurcheck.nl is responsible for the processing of your personal data as shown in their privacy statement.

We will continue to inform you about our current apartments . If you no longer want to use this, you can easily unsubscribe. This is stated at the bottom of every mail sent.

We would like to ask you to register again for our current rental offer.

Via our match mail there is a button (at the bottom of the mail) where you can unsubscribe. You can delete your file via Mijnhuurdossier.nl.

In some situations we will ask for a prepayment of the rent. In our lease contracts we have a minimum rental period of 10 months (+ 2 months cancellation period). It is important for us to minimize the risks for this period. Hence we will ask for a prepayment of 6 months rent in the situations below.

  • If you have your own company
  • If you have guarantors who live abroad
  • If there is a probationary period
  • If your contract expires within the specified period.

Yes, you can state your income in the rental calculator.

There are extensive options for students to work with guarantors.

To assess whether you are eligible to rent one of our apartments, we bring everything back to basics. Unfortunately, we cannot rent our apartments to you if you work through an employment agency.

Normally the deposit is one month's rent. Depending on your situation, this may possibly be higher.

After you have entered the rental calculator yourself, you can register for a viewing. Here it is important that the required documents * are uploaded. You can then select an available date and continue to register for the viewing. After reviewing your file you will be invited for the viewing. It is possible that your file has not been assessed as positive. In that case you will be notified.

Your ID / Passport:

  • If you are employed, your employment contract
  • If you are an entrepreneur, your Chamber of Commerce extract
  • If you are a student, proof of registration

When creating your Rental file, please state your previous address.

After a viewing it is important that you complete your rental file with all requested documents. The final tenant is selected on the basis of the stated income requirement, the documents submitted and an intake interview.

We will gladly handle the preferred dates you provide. In this case, please note that it is possible that your appointment will only take place after the "open house".